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Planning A Hawaii Wedding?

For those adventurous souls wanting to have an unforgettable wedding experience, you can plan your very own Hawaii wedding. As everyone knows, Hawaii is truly the island of enchantment for lovers, and getting married in Hawaii can be both unforgettable and affordable. One fabulous thing about a Hawaii wedding is the incredible choice of locations: a remote beach with waves crashing at sunset; a tiny church in the jungle; a mountain cliff. Whatever you can imagine, it is possible to do it with a Hawaii wedding.
Imagine arriving on breathtaking Maui island, spending the day at the beach, and picking the place to be married, two days before the wedding. Imagine making lifelong memories of your Hawaii wedding, before your wedding day even begins. Or picture exchanging vows during a sacred Hawaiian wedding ceremony, with the ocean as your audience, a million stars smiling down upon you and your fiancee.
...All this is possible, and more. Plan your special Hawaii wedding with ParadiseMaui.

Maui Activities

If you're dreaming of activities during a trip to Maui, Hawaii, then bookmark this page. Despite what you've heard about "Maui time," things move fairly quickly here, and you'll want to keep up with everything happening on Maui. Recently we've had a flurry of activity at Paradise Maui. Visit our new forum and post a question. Better yet, answer one! This is becoming a source of great vacations ideas and answers for Maui Hawaii travelers. Paradise Maui is now the only place you need to go to arrange Maui accommodations. Review the Maui vacation rentals and Maui Condos listed in our "Where to Stay" section. If you don't have time to do your own research then let us do it for you!

So if you are ready to experience life's greatest thrills while you are on Maui, book one or more activities with us and will take care of all the guesswork, and the paperwork before you arrive here. Maui activities information and booking, is where you can arrange every kind of Maui activity from Helicopter tours and dinner cruises to kayaking and submarine rides! Maui Activities are in abundance available, but first let's find out more about Maui.

Maui is one of the islands of Hawaii. The second largest island of Hawaii to be exact and is also known as the Valley Isle. Wailuku is the seat of the County of Maui, which includes the islands Kaho'olawe, Lana'i, Maui and Moloka'i.

The weather on Maui and in all of Hawaii is the main reason it is such a popular year-round vacation destination. Lets face it, it beats being snowed in Chicago. Part of the reason we have such a wonderful weather here is because of the trade winds that blow in nice warm air from the ocean and the leeward side of the island is in the rain shadow. This side of Maui so not too wet ;but hotter and wetter on the windward side.

Most MAUI RESORTS are located on the leeward side of the island. The closer you are to the windward side the more it will rain. The difference between these two climates is what gives rise to the famous MAUI RAINBOWS. The spectacular waterfalls that you probably have seen on some Hawaii Island poster advertisers can be seen best when viewed from the helicopter flight.

Lets not forget one of the most important part of any vacation. GOING OUT TO EAT! The restaurants of Maui are from very local great food to world class restaurants featuring world known chefs. One of the most popular dishes here is of course Ahi, and Mahi tunas. Ahi is a Hawaiian name for "big eye, and Yellow fin tuna".

There are so many activities on Maui that is impossible to describe them all here. We will be happy to assist you in any Maui activities you decide to participate in. Some of the Maui activities information and booking that you can reserve with us are:

  • Maui Bike Tours
  • Maui Snorkeling
  • Maui Sunset Cruises
  • Maui Horseback Riding
  • Maui Kayaking
  • Maui Wale Watching
  • Maui Parasailing
  • Maui Surfing
  • And much More

So if you are ready to experience life's greatest thrills while you are on Maui, book one or more activities with us and will take care of all the guesswork, and the paperwork before you arrive here.

Maui Weddings

Since we offer all these activities lets not forget about one more reason so many people come to Maui. To get Mauied. On Maui we get married and we get Mauied. So if Maui Weddings is what brings you here you are in luck, because we offer the best Maui wedding packages on the island.

Celebrate your love for each other with a once-in-a lifetime wedding experiences. Our Maui wedding packages include a variety of beautiful warm sandy beaches, oceanfront lawns and our famous Maui sunsets. Seemingly endless sun-drenched days and balmy warm tropical evenings add that special backdrop to the most memorable Hawaiian wedding on the island of Maui.

Our Hawaiian Wedding coordinators are available to personally assist you with all of the necessary arrangements. We understand the importance of your Hawaiian wedding dream to become reality. Whether a simple ceremony on Maui beach or the most extravagant affair, we will be able to make that dream your reality. So if you are ready to make your wedding day most memorable day for the rest of your life we can be part of this event. We also arrange for couples vow renewals, reception party, and even fireworks, if you so desire. From simple to extravagant, we can do it all for you, So check us out at MAUI WEDDINGS and let us be the one to make your dreams come true.

Finally, so you can stay in touch with Hawaii from all four corners of the earth, we've included a WebCam page which features a live-on-location Maui Hawaii photograph along with other web cam images from around the globe. Check out the Maui Web Cams for live shots of Maui, Hawaii!



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