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Reading up on a region before you arrive can be a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with the unique history and landmarks of the area.

The following recommendations are sure to enlighten and entertain you, making your upcoming Maui vacation one to remember, far after the tans have faded.

frommer's maui
Frommer's Maui (2nd Ed)
by Lisa Legarde, Jeanette Foster, George McDonald

Summary: Maui's tourist industry has seen a decade of incredible growth, and Frommer's offers completely up-to-date coverage of all the latest developments, including the best resorts and dining. There's complete cultural background on everything from island cuisine to the arts and Hawaiian language and legends; an entire chapter of beach coverage; plus tips for honeymooners. 2-color maps.

Order Frommer's Maui (2nd Ed)

hidden Maui

A Glance: Hidden Maui (Hidden Secrets)
by Ray Riegert

Summary: The author of Hidden Hawaii draws from his countless trips to the island of Maui to reveal an ever-enchanting "hidden" locale. While the book covers hotels, restaurants, shops, and night spots, it also offers advice on shell-hunting techniques, whale-watching spots, as well as detailed coverage of beaches and parks, camping and hiking. Illustrations & maps.

Order A Glance: Hidden Maui (Hidden Series)

Jaws Maui
by Blue Max, Leslie Lyon (Photographer), Charlie Lyon, Charles Lyon

Summary: Jaws Maui is much more than bonzai surfers defying gravity on moving walls of blue. It is the photography of Blue Max, whose colorful, full-paged shots juxtapose landscape and seascape, faunal quietude vs. rolling thunder. And it is the words of the wave riders themselves, waxing their boards poetic about the beauty of the island, surf-culture, and the spirit that relentlessly calls them to the water. This stirring salute to a place called Jaws on the island of Maui is a must for anyone ever wowed by the waves.

An awesome gift idea for yourself, or anyone with a respec for the ocean & a love for the art of big-wave surfing

Order "Jaws Maui"

Snorkel Hawaii: Maui and Lanai
Snorkel Hawaii: Maui and Lanai
by Judy Malinowski, Mel Malinowski

Summary: An insightful look at the wonder & beauty of the paradise beneath the sea of Maui & it's neighbor island Lanai. Tips on the best snorkeling spots. Loaded with great information!

Order Snorkel Hawaii: Maui and Lanai

Maui Onion Cook Book
The Maui Onion Cookbook
by Barbara Santos

Summary: Fantastic recipes developed using the most wonderful onion in the world - The Maui Onion - (Sure you can substitute ordinary onions...but cook at your own risk).

*A delightful gift for the cook in your life*

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